Providing Support and Wellness to the Philly Community

My name is Joe DeFinis. I run the DeFinis Agency, and I grew up in Philadelphia. I graduated from LaSalle and got my Master’s from Temple. I coach basketball for kids from my neighborhood. I’ve lived in Philly my whole life, and when I say I love it here, I mean it.

Many of our communities are struggling due to a lack of basic needs – food, education, even social interaction and recreation. Improving outcomes for our kids has to start at the street level, and that’s why our firm is launching a charity drive to support the Community Center at Visitation.

The CCV is a nonprofit group that changes communities from the inside out. It brings together neighborhoods by providing social gatherings, wellness programs, and educational resources that promote cooperation, respect, and a sense of belonging.

Our firm wants to raise $500 to support this program, and I hope we can count on you to help us do it. For every person you refer into the DeFinis Agency for a free insurance consult, I will send out a $15 donation IN YOUR NAME to the CCV.

If you want to make Philly a better place, this is your chance. Together, we can make a difference for kids and families right here in our community, so let’s get started.

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE