Providing a Unique Form of Fun to Disabled Individuals

At our agency, we understand the importance of therapy for those who are disabled so that they are able to live a more accessible life. Even more so, we believe such therapy can be offered through enriching activities that in turn also allow the disabled to pursue their passions and learn fun new skills. This is exactly what On The Edge Children’s Foundation does, which is why we are excited to be supporting their mission.


OTEFC is an adaptive water sports foundation that serves people with challenges. They reveal what is possible and inspire hope through not only hosting adaptive water sports events but also building equipment that is accessible to use for disabled individuals. One of the special aspects of OTE is the sense of belonging and being part of a group of individuals who are kind and willing to help. Their volunteers learn a variety of skills, such as how to repair equipment, how to drive a boat, how to overcome obstacles, how to care for others, how to give back and feel fulfilled in doing so, and how to grow up to be hardworking, responsible young adults.

We are dedicated to bringing attention to disabled individuals in our community who are in need. We’re providing our consumers, business partners, and everyone else who cares the opportunity to make a difference. For each individual you refer to us, we will pay $15 to our current Community Cause campaign on your behalf for FREE!


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