Many people prefer living their entire lives without children. Unfortunately, even in today’s age and time, the fear of being judged for this personal decision causes trouble for many couples who are not ready to start a family. A prime objective for all community members is to bring peacefulness and security to the community’s most vulnerable neighbors, making sure they feel safe in the environment we create for them.

The team at DeFinis and Pabody Agency has decided to join hands with the Delaware County Pregnancy Center as they help women and couples understand their choices regarding unplanned pregnancies. By bringing forward different approaches, they make sure their patients are fully aware of all the available options and are making fully informed decisions for themselves. Without any judgment or misconduct, the organization offers offer free pregnancy testing, Pregnancy Confirmation Ultrasound, parenting education, counseling, and community referrals.

That’s something we want to support and we bet you do, too. So here’s the best part: You can help! Every time that you recommend a friend for a quote, we’ll donate $10 on your behalf to Delaware County Pregnancy Center. Yes, that is for EACH friend! Because of you and your caring friends, you soon could be making a difference to so very many in your community!

We hope you’ll band with us to make our community a kinder place for our community! So, how many people do you know who would like to help people in need AND save money on their insurance at the same time?

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